Is this New Zealand's grottiest flat? 'Feral' Dunedin house tour goes viral on TikTok
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Is this New Zealand's grottiest flat? 'Feral' Dunedin house tour goes viral on TikTok

ofc it's Dunners.

Anyone staying at a Dunedin flat should never expect five-star hospitality, but now apparently it’s too much to ask for a clean benchtop. 

OneTikTok, posted by @Rip_Margaret, has gone viral for reminding the masses that it’s grossly different down in Dunners. 

It’s basically a simple tour of the student abode, but rather than showing off sizeable bedrooms, a pleasant patio and an extensive kitchen, there’s a sink that looks radioactive, all kinds of food waste spewed everywhere, a room turned into a rubbish truck, and a dartboard. 

It’s been viewed over 350k times, liked nearly 25k times and attracted plenty of commenters who are quite simply in awe. 

“That is feral,” wrote one person. 

“Cleanest dunedin flat,” another joked. 

“This made me uncomfy,” added a third. 

“I’d rather be homeless,” one more wrote.

Shockingly, the flatties did give the place a clean. Captioned "after", a follow-up TikTok shows off the flat with a distinct lack of filth yet just as distinct unclean vibe. 

Commenters are pointing out that, although it’s far from spotless, it’s pretty fkn spick and span for a Dunedin flat. 

“Although there is more to cover this is an awesome improvement!” one person said. “As long as you guys stay consistent with it, the house will be immaculate”.

“Ayyy improvements lads!” another wrote. 

“Dunedin tenants are…something else like how did y’all live before this your parents just did everything for you?” a third asked. 

“I'm super impressed,” one more said. “That's one of the cleanest boy flats I've seen and I've seen some dunno dumps”. 

Here’s hoping that they can keep the place looking a little better now, or at least until the weekend!