Subway delivery in New Zealand is on and it is free for the first coupley weeks
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Subway delivery in New Zealand is on and it is free for the first coupley weeks

Sort me out geezer.

Smoko admin just got way easier team. 

Houses, flats and worksites in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will now be able to have Subway delivered. 

It kicks off on Monday the 18th of September and to celebrate the occasion, delivery will be free for the first two weeks (ending on Sunday the 1st of October). Using the Subway app, anything on the menu will be able to be delivered - subs, salads, and those iconic cookies - and if you’re hosting, you can book a platter four weeks in advance.

Rodica Titeica, Subway Australia and New Zealand's Director of Marketing, says it’s all about making it easier to chow down on their sandwiches. 

“We recognise how important convenience and ease of accessibility is in the increasingly busy lives of our customers,” she said. “With the introduction of the new Subway Delivers in-app delivery service, Subway fans in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch can get fast and fresh, healthy and convenient meals morning, noon and night.”

“Ultimately, it’s all about better value and greater convenience and it’s just in time for all those big events on the social calendar - footy finals, Christmas parties and end-of-year-get-togethers!”

She adds that every delivery you make on the app will go towards you getting “rewards, surprises and delicious deals”. 

If you’re in Auckland and keen to get your hands on a free footlong, Subway will be giving away 1000 of them today (Friday the 15th of September) from 10 AM - 2 PM at surprise locations. 

As a man who decides on his Subway sandwich order as he’s looking at the ingredients behind the glass, this will be a bit of an adjustment. However, at the end of the day, I am still a lazy man, so delivery will be sweet.