Packet ramen power rankings: Which is the best in New Zealand?
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Packet ramen power rankings: Which is the best in New Zealand?

Because someone had to do it.

Mac Miller once said: “Life is just like college, all you have’s your noodle”. The late rapper was spitting facts about inhaling ramen. 

We are spoiled for noodle choice here in Aotearoa. On the shelves of an alleyway Asian supermarket, you can find packet ramen that, after eating, requires a fire extinguisher down the throat. Or, in the lunchbox of a private school student, you can find instant noodles as bland as the kid’s uniform. 

A few favourites rise above the slew of broth and sachet packets. Today, inspired by this Reddit thread asking ‘What the best packet ramen in NZ’ is, we ranked them (prices listed are the average price of a five-pack). 

the best packet ramen available in NZ

1. Indomie Mi Goreng BBQ Chicken AKA Blue Mi Goreng ($4.50)

When you think instant mi goreng, you see Indomie’s iconic blue packet. They’re the first result on an ‘instant noodles’ Google search. Both humans and technology see Indomie Mi Goreng as the #1. 

While the BBQ packs a light spice, nothing about them is too extreme, allowing for loads of extra food in the bowl. Once eaten, they leave a full but not bloated feeling of incredible value. 

2. Shin Ramyun ($9)

Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun is beloved by NZ’s ramen eaters. Many Redditors, including u/Morticia_Black, call them the “GOAT”. 

Its fans swear by its versatility (YouTubing ‘Shin Ramyun recipes' will give you a meal plan for the year), its spice level and obviously its taste. 

3. Buldak Chicken ($18)

Have a cold bevvy nearby if you’re smacking back a bowl of Samyang Food’s Baldak Chicken. It is one of the spiciest instant noodles there is with the OG packet having 4,404 Scoville units - that’s like a whole bowl of jalapeños. 

Its selling point is the spice, but people swear by it beyond the heat, applauding the texture and chicken element of the flavour. 

4. Nissin Kyushu Black ($8)

Labelled “king” by self-proclaimed “massive noodle guy” u/GrizzlySharkNZ, Nissin’s Kyushu Black noodles are treasured in NZ. 

“The broth in those is by far the best you’re gonna get from a standard supermarket,” Grizzly Shark writes. 

There was even an intense and delectable serving suggestion for these, made by u/Mongorize. I’ll leave that here

5. Trident Hot & Spicy ($3.50 4pk)

Although a few different Trident flavours are mentioned, the Hot & Spicy variety is cherished. 

Their broth was also applauded, and u/Parched-Mint says they are “the real answer” adding that “nothing else hits the same”. 

They come with three different flavour packets, including the spice powder. That means if you’re not a hot food lover, you can still chow down on these. 

Honourable Mentions

Maggi's two-minute noodles deserve a shout-out. They're pretty basic but Jesus, they do the job. 

Yum Yum ramen also rocks. One Redditor even called their flavours "Godly". 

With noodles prompting religious experiences, you know the NZ packet ramen scene is banging.