‘SAMMY!’: All Black fans are going viral on TikTok for frothing over the huge win vs Ireland
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‘SAMMY!’: All Black fans are going viral on TikTok for frothing over the huge win vs Ireland

Joey Wheeler with an all-time live TV moment too.

Not since the 2011 Rugby World Cup final had New Zealand experienced a squeaky bum time like they did this weekend when the All Blacks won this year’s quarter-final against Ireland.

The Irish team held the ball for 36 phases at the end of the match and every time they ran it into the NZ defence, fans' heart rates increased.

Thankfully, Sam Whitelock grasped the ball in a ruck and secured the win for his nation. At this moment, Kiwis in every household went nuts. A few of those moments were filmed and posted online for NZers to enjoy and say: ‘same’. 

“Sammy!”, “Sam!”, “Whitelock!” - no matter what you chose to call the lock, you were screaming it and then jumping as soon as Wayne Barnes blew the whistle. 

I’d say it’s eerie how similar these first three reactions are, but it’s exactly what my flatmates and I did so, I get it. 

Pleading Barnes to give us a call may come off as a little desperate, but emotions were high and he definitely owes us a quarter-final whistle. 

When we lost to France in the 2007 quarterfinal, my dad sent me and my siblings to play outside as he processed his emotions. I’m happy these kids got to stay inside to celebrate a historic W. 

At least one fan watching the game live at Paris’ Stade de France had the exact same reaction as Kiwis in their living room.

Another NZ fan at the game was Taika Waititi. He had a slightly more subdued celebration, simply raising both arms in the air and pointing to the field. 

Of course, we can't forget about Joey Wheeler's epic live cross on Sky Sports after the ABs took it out. He was at a bar in Mount Maunganui and was standing on a table as everyone cheered around him. Scenes. 

The All Blacks go up against Argentina in the semi-final this weekend, so at 8 AM on Saturday, expect the return of squeaky bum time.