Countdown Kings: How Wilkinson, Sub Focus and Dimension dominated the DNB Hundy
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Countdown Kings: How Wilkinson, Sub Focus and Dimension dominated the DNB Hundy

In its four years of history, the DNB Hundy has been ruled by three names.
25 October 2023 5:33PM

Since its inception in 2019, the DNB Hundy has crowned four winners. Well, four winners - and if you look even closer, you could say two winners.

Sub Focus and Dimension's 2018 collaboration 'Desire' took out the top spot as voted by you in the DNB Hundy's inaugural year and again in 2022, with Sub Focus actually in studio to be crowned champion.

The years in between - 2020 and 2021 - belonged to Wilkinson and Becky Hill, with stand-in national anthem 'Afterglow' taking out number one in consecutive years.

But it's not just the top end of the countdown where you'll find Sub Focus, Dimension and Wilkinson. The trio are littered throughout the countdown's history - with the artists contributing to a collective 17.5% of all tracks featured in the four years of the DNB Hundy.

In 2019 Sub Focus led the way with seven entries, three of which came in the top ten with 'Solar System', 'Siren' and aforementioned Dimension collab 'Desire' finishing eighth, third and first respectively. Sub Focus, Dimension and Wilkinson contributed to the entire top three - with Wilkinson and Becky Hill's 'Afterglow' claiming runner-up.

2020 was a big year for Dimension with eight entries, as he geared up to release his debut album Organ in 2021 with a string of nine singles. Album leads 'Hatred', 'Devotion' and 'Saviour' came in at 72, 28 and 20 while 'Desire' followed up its first place finish with a small slip to third.

2020 also saw the release of a collaborative album between Sub Focus and Wilkinson - Portals - though its effect wouldn't be felt until the next year's countdown. That didn't stop Sub Focus from dominating the 2020 DNB Hundy top ten - having a hand in tracks six through three.

2021, as mentioned, saw Wilkinson's 'Afterglow' take out number one for a second consecutive year - while Dimension saved his best for last with driving 4/4 face melter 'Offender' putting a bow on Organ's release and debuting at number four in 2021's countdown.

Sub Focus and Wilkinson finished with nine entries each - a mark that leads the way for the trio and was repeated by Sub Focus in 2022.

2021's countdown saw 'Freedom', 'Illuminate' and 'Air I Breathe' make appearances from the Portals album.

Finally we arrive at the 2022 DNB Hundy, where Sub Focus and Dimension reclaimed number one with the original DNB Hundy winner 'Desire' rising back to the top.

One in every five songs featured Sub Focus, Wilkinson or Dimension for the second consecutive year, and the top three was dominated once again with 'Solar System', 'Afterglow' and 'Desire' coming close to mirroring our original top three from 2019.

Dimension had the last of his Organ singles feature, with Culture Shock collab 'Love To Give,' 'Alive' and 'Devotion' coming in at 59, 29 and 22 and he also played his part in winning track 'Desire.'

How will our Countdown Kings fare in 2023? That's in your hands now.

With double the tracks we could see entry records shattered and the UK drum and bass trio could play an even bigger role in the countdown.

Can 'Afterglow' or 'Desire' edge ahead of the other for another title? Or have Sub Focus, Wilkinson and Dimension had their time in the sun and someone new is set to rise to the top?

Make sure you tune in from 9am Thursday 26th October to see how the first ever DNB 2Hundy plays out as we crown our fifth champion as voted by you!