Dom Dolla whips out unreal Black Betty remix
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Dom Dolla whips out unreal Black Betty remix

And it’s now in HIGH demand.

Dom Dolla took to the stage over the weekend at Spilt Milk in Canberra and opened with his own edit of ‘Black Betty’ that genuinely went offfffff.

His post captioned ‘I’m back baby 🇦🇺’ shows the crowd going absolutely nuts when this unreal (and sadly unreleased) edit played out in front of thousands. 

The comment section is flooded with people asking for this track to be released:

‘I’m begging you to RELEASE THIS ON SPOTIFY!!!’ one Tik Tok user wrote. ‘Jesus I need this!!!!!!’ said another. 

‘This needs to be on platforms stat! Need this blasting while pulling up in the work car park 😅’

Could Dom Dolla be entering his pub rock era? Keen for it if he is.

Believe it or not he actually made this tune hungover on a plane last week. If that’s not talent then I don’t know what is.

Can we also appreciate the lighting tech person for this show? Whoever they are, they deserve a raise. That sh*t looks absolutely unreal. 

All I can say is please release this Dom Dolla, we needed it yesterday.