'I taste hints of oak': Post Malone smashed a shoey in spectacular form at his Auckland show
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'I taste hints of oak': Post Malone smashed a shoey in spectacular form at his Auckland show

Can he do it on a cold night in a Castle Street flat though?

As is becoming a tradition for artists performing in New Zealand, Post Malone smashed back a shoey during his concert. 

Mid-way through his show at Auckland’s Western Springs Outerfields, the American singer-songwriter ripped out a shoey after a fan chucked one of their kicks on stage. 

After giving it a sniff, Post ranked the shoe a 4/10 before he poured the beer from his red party cup into it. “Just go?” he asked, and just go he did. 

“I taste hints of oak,” he said after the shoe was empty. “A little strawberry, it’s very good. Good shoe. I bump you up to a 6/10 sir. Thank you.”

Drinking alcohol mixed with the foot sweat of a complete stranger wasn’t the only time Post proved he’s a man of the people.

Just ask Daniel, a massive fan, evidenced by the massive tattoo he’s got of Post on his back. Daniel got to hop on stage with his favourite artist to show off the tattoo and even get it signed by the man himself. 

Post freaked out when saw the ink before taking a sharpie and signing his name on Dan’s back. 

“Make some fucking noise for Daniel too tonight, with probably the handsomest tattoo in this building” the artist said, to which the crowd obliged, 

It seems by all accounts that Post loves New Zealand and New Zealanders love him right back. He even brought a Kiwi guitarist from the crowd on stage to play with him and she killed it. 

If you missed it, Post Malone was spotted singing his heart out to The Proclaimers ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ at the famously infamous Danny Doolan’s earlier this week. 

Everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time, and passersby who ran into the artist said he was extremely kind to them, taking selfies with them and everything. Legend.

Big ups to him for getting involved in a Kiwi tradition but next time round he's gotta hit Castle Street.