WATCH: 'Dashcam Dickheads' vid showing the worst Kiwi drivers and wild road moments goes viral
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WATCH: 'Dashcam Dickheads' vid showing the worst Kiwi drivers and wild road moments goes viral

Sort it out team.

In the form of a ten-minute video, Kiwis have been given a reminder that we've got some horrendous driving to sort out. 

Traffic Updates Horowhenua Kāpiti Wellington, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing shocking local traffic moments, shared a video titled ‘Dashcam Dickheads’. It’s a montage of a load of near misses, collisions and dumb drivers caught on camera. 

“All of this footage was filmed on New Zealand roads in 2023, mostly around Kapiti, Horowhenua, Manawatu and Wellington,” the description reads. 

“Each year between 300 and 400 people die on our roads. It's not hard to see why…”

It starts with an absolutely deplorable red light runner and it only gets worse from there. Around a minute in, a dude is hooning on his moped while standing on the back seat. 

There’s even a rare (for a reason) example of a caravan overtaking another car over a double-yellow line (around seven and a half minutes in). For good measure, there’s also a random piece of debris that flies into a car (around eight minutes and 18 seconds in). 

One of the craziest moments comes at six minutes and 24 seconds in. A truck is carrying what looks to be a small digger on its trailer.

The weight of the digger causes the trailer to hit the road, leading to sparks flying and the truck swerving into the ditch on the other side of the road before flipping. An oncoming massive truck then has to smash the brakes and ends up coming to a perpendicular halt, taking up the whole road. 

To top things off, the last clip of the video shows someone trying to reverse on the motorway after missing their stop. 

As the creator of the video said, there are far too many deaths on Kiwi roads that are avoidable. This year there have been 305 already. 

Drive safer and to the conditions for the sake of everyone else on the road and hey, how about just don't be a dickhead, eh?