This New Mercedes AMG Tech Creates Custom Tunes That Sync To How You Drive
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This New Mercedes AMG Tech Creates Custom Tunes That Sync To How You Drive

Catch me doing zig-zags down the back streets.

Forget passing the aux to DJ Skips in the passenger seat, because Mercedes' new 'Sound Drive' feature means the tunes for the next roadie are non-stop and completely unique - so long as the engine's running.

When your car is just chilling, a gentle lo-fi track plays through the speakers. Give that accelerator a rev, and suddenly, a deeper bass track layers on top. Once you hit the 25 km/h, BOOM, drums kick in. But the most mind-blowing part for me was when the steering wheel started to turn - it took the tune to a whole new level.

According to The Verge, it’s all whipped up by sensors and software that connect your car's hardware with the music software, creating a range of sounds that react in real time to your driving.

I’ve gotta admit, it is giving off heavy ‘Pimp My Ride’ oomph.

While it’s a sick piece of tech, some keen users jokingly mentioned the safety risks of creating mad tunes from the driver's seat.

One IG user wrote: “Johnny, I don't care if it's a red light. I'm not missing this beat🔥”

“Officer: ‘SIR do you know for fast you were going!?’ Me: ‘Ok I know this looks bad but you have to hop in and check this out’,” wrote another.

While a third added: “This will just make me want to drive in a zigzag down the highway just to make a silly jig.”

The feature won’t be released until mid-2024 when Mercedes is looking to open up the feature to other artists to join in uploading their own sounds to the system - tell me Fred Again wouldn’t go hard!