Guy Williams hunts down 'succulent Chinese meal' legend Jack Karlson in hectic NZ Today episode
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Guy Williams hunts down 'succulent Chinese meal' legend Jack Karlson in hectic NZ Today episode

And it's all for a good cause - bringing the Mt Albert BBQ Noodle Houses to a state of harmony.

Guy Williams went above and beyond to give us an update on an absolute legend, even using him to settle one of the all-time Kiwi family feuds. 

In the debut episode of the new season of ‘New Zealand Today’, Williams goes on a journey to track down Jack Karlson, the internet-famous ‘succulent Chinese meal’ guy. He wants to harness the viral Aussie icon's expert palate to settle a beef between two Auckland Chinese restaurants, both called Mount Albert BBQ Noodle House. 

Williams buys a “succulent meal” from both spots and heads off to Aussie to find Karlson. At a bogan pub full of true Aussie punters, he eventually runs into someone who knew the man in prison. 

Karlson, who still has that iconic voice, originally isn’t in the mood to eat, so he and Williams shoot the shit and catch up. Reminiscing on his viral arrest video, the internet icon reveals no one was touching his penis, despite him saying that. 

“I’m being arrested, you should be able to say things like that,” he said. 

He also revealed that he went to an "insane asylum" because he got arrested for drilling into a safe and started masturbating once he was at the police station. They also go over a bunch of other stuff that is equally as unhinged. 

Anyway, Williams gets back to his mission of settling the beef between the two restaurants. 

If you didn't know, the two food spots with the same name are parked up right next to each other on Auckland's New North Road. The owners of each noodle house are cousins and hate each other, accusing the other of stealing their idea. 

In Australia, Karlson tried a bite of both Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House meals and decided one was easily better. However, Williams couldn’t remember which one was which, so there was no winner. 

Williams flies back to NZ and gets the two Noodle House owners into a room together where they agree to somewhat of a peace treaty, ending another chapter in a great Kiwi story.