These digital compasses help you find your mates in a HUGE crowd at a festie
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These digital compasses help you find your mates in a HUGE crowd at a festie

We all know one mate who needs this strapped to them at all times.

Forget about lugging around a gigantic pole and flag at the next festival because there's a new way for your crew to find you, and it might just be a game-changer.

We've all got that one mate who goes AWOL on their way back from the portaloos or struggles to make their way back to camp after a rowdy night, right?

Well, Totem Labs has shared their digital compasses that promise to point you in the right direction—even if you can't tell your left from your right.

Tracking your mates' locations in real-time, the little lights will guide you back to wherever your mates are in a HUGE crowd.

However, if you're rolling deep with a larger group, you might want to pick out the stragglers and set up a buddy system since the compasses can only connect in groups of four.

Apparently, they don’t need cell service, wifi, or Bluetooth, which might just change the game if you’re in the middle of nowhere kicking it.

As someone who frequents the Rolling Meadows New Year's festival in Waipara, this might just be the next purchase for my crew - the walkie-talkies just weren’t cutting it for us while getting rowdy in the mosh.

Totem promises a full charge of 30 minutes will last you a whopping 72 hours, so it’ll have you covered for a whole weekend even if your phone gives out just as you're about to send the 'meet me at 'I love you bro' hill text.

The compasses aren’t being released until April, so there’s still time to wrangle the crew and decide which of the stragglers might need one.