Drax Project's improvised 'Up the Wahs' tune at their Perth gig should be the new team anthem
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Drax Project whipped out an improv 'Up the Wahs' track at their Perth gig and it is so fkn on

Add it to the playlist @MountSmart

Drax Project may have just added a third song to the Wahs' current rotation of 'Up The Wahs' and the team's victory song

The band is currently on tour in Australia, and mid-way through their Peth gig, they decided to give a ‘blind beat’ a go, making up an entirely new song on the spot. One woman shouted “Up the Wahs”, and before anyone knew it, magic happened.

I can assure you that now you’ve heard the start of their creation you’ll have “Up the Wahs // sittin’ in the bar // got my friends in the back and we’re playing my guitar” stuck in your head so bad it'll eek out at kickons this weekend. 

In case you thought that was all the brilliance to come from this impromptu tune, you were oh so wrong.

The lads posted a follow-up video of the extended version and let me tell you, that last riff into the sax solo paired with the guitar and drums is friggin' sick. 

Fans can’t get enough of the tune, naturally flooding the comments asking for the band to get in the recording studio ASAP.

“Please make this a real song!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 new anthem inbound 💪😎,” wrote one person on Instagram.

Another said: “RELEASE IT, what a TUNE!”

One New Zealand, the official sponsors of the Wahs, even piped up, writing: “Petition to record this for the next album 👀🤩.”

Yes fellas, get it done.