Subway reckon they've turned up the heat with their new 'Fiery' lineup so we gave 'em a whirl
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Subway reckon they've turned up the heat with their new 'Fiery' lineup so we gave 'em a whirl

Brave enough to test your limits?!

Spice is all the rage in fast food these days, and Subway has hopped on the bandwagon with its new Fiery Subs lineup.

But let’s be honest, the heat scale often leaves us wondering if it’ll really knock our socks off. So, we decided to put all three levels of spicy subs to the test and see how they stack up.

First up, the Chipotle Meatball and Pepperoni. This is the mild baby of the new range. 

Featuring the longtime favourite, creamy Chipotle South West sauce, this one’s built “for the spice curious” among us. 

“Mild is a chill option for someone to be a part of the spice club without showing their weakness,” said a strict ‘easy on the pepper’ person.

Lunchtime was a breeze for our crew until they moved up to the Spicy Chicken Classic.

Turning it up a notch or two with the spicy mayo, our team felt the tingle but it wasn’t enough to make us reach for a cold one.

Most agreed they'd reach for the flavour of this one!

Next, we tackled the Spicy Steak. This hot new sub is made with the North African-inspired Hot Harissa Mayo, which promises to be spicier than their habanero hot sauce. And mate, was it ever! 

Our weakest link started to battle. "I don't know if I'm gonna recover from this," they joked with sweat beads starting to form on their forehead.

“You’ll want to grab a drink to wash it down with, but I reckon I could brave a full one… okay, maybe just a six-inch,” said another.

Of course, spice tolerance is different for everyone, and we had one brave taker add: “If you're a fan of spice, you're not going to be disappointed.”

“It's spicier than I thought it was going to be but not too hot that you're not going to be able to finish off a full sub (which in this economy is a great thing).”

Proudly wearing our spice lover badges, we agreed that the spiciest option welcomes you in with a slow burn and then really makes itself at home, leaving a tingly heat on your lips.

“At least there's a flavour to the spice, not just a sucker punch to the face,” said one keen taster.

Overall, there's something for everyone, even those who can't handle the Harissa jandal!