The Wahs challenged fans to name their new sports bar and we've found some top contenders
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The Wahs challenged fans to name their new sports bar and we've stumbled upon some belters

Bet ya can't top these!

If you’re a die-hard NZ Warriors fan, you’ve probably heard the buzz that the team has gone and bought themselves a bar in Auckland. 

Last month, they sealed the deal on Kingsland's Holy Hop and are gearing up to transform it into a full-on Wahs-themed sports bar. 

Now, they’re letting the fans pick the name and there are some cracking suggestions flying around already.

"Wahs ki runga (Up the wahs in te reo Māori)"

A strong contender, no prizes for guessing why…

"The Gym"

This one was suggested, “so we can tell the Mrs we are going to The Gym”. Smart play.

"The WAHtering Hole"

Although another chimed in to say: “Anything as long as it doesn’t have “Wah” in the name, in 10 years it’s gonna be so tacky.”  

Fair call, mate, but we’ll deal with that in a decade. For now, it’s all about backing the bloody Wahs!


Now that’s something we can all jump on.

"It's Our Beer"

I'll tell ya, I'll sink a few if it is... 

"Ninety-five" and "1995" are both up there as the most highly suggested names. 

Fitting, because that’s the year it all began for the mighty Warriors. 

The place is set to be a hotspot for hosting viewing parties during Wahs' matches, membership nights, player events, and serving up special menu items like the “Shaun Johnson Burger,” “Roger Tuivasa-Sheck wrap,” or the “Andrew Webster salad.”

Cameron George, the Chief Exec for the Warriors said: “We have a very powerful brand and it’s one that people like to engage in.” 

“We want a pub with high traffic flow. We don’t just want to turn the lights on for game days or for away games, we want it to be a very successful business 24/7.”

Holy Hop’s been a trusty local in Auckland for ages, and no doubt, whatever they name this joint, it’s gonna be a regular spot for loads of us.