George Breakfast's 28 Hour Give Back 2 Back

Total Raised:

Texts: $10,737
Givealittle: $62,308
TradeMe (Currrent Bids): $11,418

Total = $84,463
last updated: 9am Tuesday 6th July

Here at George FM, we joke around a lot, but It's time to reign it in for a moment, for a really worthy cause.

George Breakfast embarked on a 28 hour marathon DJ set, all in the name of raising much needed funds for Child Cancer Foundation.

It’s called, George Breakfast’s 28 Hour Give Back 2 Back

George FM Surf Reporter Gav's son, Oscar, had fought so hard for so long to be cancer-free, and that sadly is no longer the case, AML (leukaemia) cells are present again in Oscar's bone marrow.

Child Cancer Foundation provide Gav and his family huge amounts of support throughout, so we've decided to do our part and raise money for Child Cancer Foundation.

Child Cancer Foundation is dedicated to supporting the families every step of the way, helping them overcome challenges and maintain control of their lives.

How to donate:

We’ll need your help along the way.

We'll also have items available for auction on Trademe, with all proceeds going to Child Cancer Foundation - Find them HERE.