Calvin Harris throws shade at the ex and breaks up with a robot in My Way video

Music 29/10/2016

Since its release on Friday night, Calvin Harris’ My Way video has blown up and the internet is freaking out. 

Calvin has previously denied allegations that he was pulling a Taylor Swift and writing a banger about his break-up.

The DJ claims My Way is about his struggle to make it in the music industry. Specifically, his time working in a Scottish grocery store when he needed money, only in his heart he just wanted to be making music…

Right. Seems plausible. Lyrics like "Lying awake, two faced," and "I made my move and it was all about you," could totally be about a grocery store.  

The new video depicts a virtual reality break-up with a robot girlfriend who Calvin struggles to communicate with, as she keeps glitching in and out… and having dance parties with her girl squad while he watches from the outside.


Yep. Not inspired by a failed long distance relationship at all.
But it’s his robot babes outfit choices that have really wound up the Taylor Swift fanatics of the world… many look a little familiar..  

My Way vs. Bad Blood...

Shade much?

The man can throw as much shade about as he likes. What we're really excited about is the My Way remix game. Calvin himself is hyping up to hear Tiesto's take... 

We're loving the Offaiah remix, listen out for it on air, or stream it