Hudson Mohawke shares single off his Watch Dogs OST

Music 31/10/2016
One of our favourite Scotsmen, Ross Matthew Birchard -aka Hudson Mohawke- has been working away on his soundtrack for the open-world game Watch Dogs 2.

He's just dropped his first single for the OST titled ‘Shanghaied’.

You might want to take a seat now. It sounds like HudMo has turned a new leaf and toned down on the flares… we never thought we’d see the day.

There’s an orchestral vibe and a piano lead, but the signature drum snares remain strong. We're definitely digging it. Tell us what you think.

You can check out the game's trailer here, which feature the new song and gives you an idea of what the game's about - set in San Fran following the hacker Marcus Holloway.

Warp Records will release the soundtrack on November 11, and the game itself will come out on November 15.