Harambe, avocado, bacon and facepalm emojis come with new iOS update

Music 02/11/2016
Apple have gifted us with possibly the greatest emoji pack yet. The next iOS update will include 72 new emojis. One of which is Harambe. RIP. #dicksout

Okay there’s some debate – but looks like Harambe to us.

However this update has come with a hidden cost. The peach-butt emoji has been remodelled to look like a regular peach. And the internet is very emotional. 
To balance out the peach emoji travesty, Apple have given us bacon, and the hipsters have finally got their avocado emoji.

Foodies rejoice!

We’re also getting kiwifruit, pancake, burrito, taco and croissant emojis.

Here's a question for Apple. What the shit were we doing with a corncob emoji before we got bacon?

Or were some people using corn as an alternative to the eggplant? In which case, we now have a number of new phallic foods, including cucumbers, baguettes and hotdogs. 

We've also got Bowie, chef and astronaut emojis in the people department. And finally an emoji for that cooked dickhead on the D-floor (refer to disco Stu above).

The eagerly-anticipated facepalm and shoulder shrug are likely to become regular features in many of our lives. 
But were all these new emojis worth the tragic loss of peach-butt?