Maccas is making a Sriracha Big Mac

Music 18/11/2016
For the first time since the Big Macs conception in 1967, Maccas is altering the recipe. Bringing the greatest sauce of all time to the most famous burger.

Sriracha in yo Big Mac. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.



That sounds like the fucking tits.

Maccas is trialling the Big Mac made with Sriracha Mac sauce exclusively in Ohio until the end of December. However, if it proves to be popular over there, it could well feature on the menu across the international franchise.
They're also making Sriracha Mac Sauce for chip dipping purposes. 

Come on Ohio. Pull through.

In the mean time you should really keep a bottle of Sriracha sauce on your person at all times, so if the opportunity arises you can add it to your Big Mac yourself.

And everything else you consume. Because Sriracha.