Sex doll company designs Danerys Targaryen sex robots

Music 08/11/2016
Yes. You read that right. Horny GOT fans may soon be able to bone a Khaleesi cyborg.

This is just about the seediest thing we’ve ever heard.

Naked Dany is not impressed / HBO

UK tabloid the Daily Star had a chat with the mastermind/masterperve behind the idea, a man named Matt McMullen who also happens to be CEO of the sex doll company RealDoll.

What a job title.

He believes the robot could compete against real woman.

“It (Game of Thrones) frees us from all the traditional constraints that we have in the ‘real world’.

“The characters can be braver, bolder and more amazing and more mysterious than people you might meet in your life.”

“There’s that higher level of appeal." 

I don’t know about you, but we prefer our sexual partners... alive. If sci-fi films have taught us anything. Robots never work out well.

Maybe all the mad robot sex going down in HBO's Westworld right now got McMulllen thinking…


And maybe Westworld isn’t so far off from reality… because McMullen’s latest sex dolls have a pulse and warm skin. No joke.

McMullen admits to being a BIG HBO fan. GOT being his all time fave show and Dany his number one fantasy. No shit.

“She’s a character who can talk to dragons, ride a character around and she can conquer armies.”

Dany is made to conquer not be conquered... / HBO 

The sex doll CEO promises the robots aesthetic will be convincing.

"It would be very important to have the costume and the hair accurate – that kind of thing just makes the character.”

“It’s what makes them identifiable.”

Well isn’t that… nope still just very sick.

Of course before manufacturing can begin, this all has to actually go through HBO for approval. Which is obviously not going to happen.

Especially considering HBO have taken legal action against PornHub for their GOT content.

Speaking of PornHub though… as disgusting and improbable as this all is, there’s undoubtedly a weirdly huge market for the Dany-bot.

Think back to the Season 6 premiere earlier this year. You might remember there being news about the direct link between porn and GOT viewers.

In particular Dany fans.

There was a whopping 370 percent increase in GOT related searches on PornHub during the day of the premiere. And guess who slayed as the top search?

None other than the Mother of Dragons of course.


Not to mention the premiere episode saw a four percent drop on PornHub traffic during the live broadcast, which actually equates to about 60 million people who adjusted their porn habits to fit around GOT.


It’s a messed up world we live in.

We hope if McMullen ever did make the Dany-bot, she’d come to life, call him “small” and then set him and all his Real Doll henchmen on fire… much like the character did in the show to Joe Naufahu and the other Khals.

Here’s the epic scene again, to rejog your memory and just cause it’s so damn good - Warning explicit content.

Okay. Maybe that’d be a little extreme an ending for McMullen. After all he’s just trying to do a solid for all the sad, lonely, sex-crazed, weirdos of the world.

Plus we’re pretty sure the real Emilia Clarke will be wishing hell-fire upon the guy already…