Start stashing Kit Kats kids, Nestle are cutting 40% of the sugar in their chocolate

Music 02/12/2016
Start stockpiling on your Smarties, your Kit Kats and your Milky Bars now. 

First they changed the recipe of Milo. Then they started serving kale on everything. In one sweeping low-blow they shrunk the Toblerone. Now they’re taking HALF the sugar out of Nestle chocolate.

It’s a cruel, cruel world we live in.

Nestle maintains that the taste of their chocolate won’t change.

They’ve gone all science on this - claiming they’ve changed the make-up of sugar so that it dissolves faster and tricks your taste buds into thinking they’re getting that same sickeningly sweet Nestle chocolate hit they know and love.

It's been called 'truly groundbreaking' by Stefan Catsicas, Nestle's chief technology officer. As well as 'good science' by Professor Julian Cooper, chair of the Scientific Committee at the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


Obviously we’re no scientists here, just humble radio workers with a deep, eternal love for sugary af chocolate.

But we smell bullshit.

We’d taste the difference.

Why did they have to go tampering with what’s good in the first place? Chocolate isn’t supposed to be healthy. 

Chocolate should only be sold using words like “extra creamy”, “added gooey caramel”, “more nuts,” “double nougat.” Why the shit are they CUTTING the sugar.

2016 can you just end already.