BK workers busted for drive-thru drug operation

Music 27/01/2017

Buying drugs is almost always awkward.


Some intimidating dude with neck tattoos rocks up in a Subaru Legacy, rolls down his window and grunts at you. Just after you’ve made a real mess in your pants, he clears up the scary situation - “wanna tinny G?” 

Or maybe you've got some weird 16-year-old kid who is always watching One Piece. Their whole house smells like weed-infused BO. It takes 10 minutes for them to weigh up and bag and they don’t say one fucking thing. So you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs, making comments about the weather and fantasising about the fat cone you’re about to have as soon as you get home.

What’s worse is the talkers… you give them your cash and you’re in a bit of a hurry. You tell them your evening's plans as a hint but they just sit there and TALK. They think you’re best friends, they want to know your views on religion, politics, kombucha… all the while your mates in the car and you really just wanna go blaze with them.


First world problems of the modern stoner. For reals.

Then in comes two New Hampshire BK employees who went ahead and organised themselves the ultimate drug dealing drive-thru experience.

Round of applause to Garrett Norris, 20 and Meagan Dearborn, 19.

Imagine if you could go through the local BK drive-thru and say BK chicken and fries please “extra crispy”.

Then boom, you’ve got yourself a burger, fries and a fiddy in hand.

The only setback we can see with this arrangement is that the burger won’t be at its prime once the munchies hit. 



Unfortunately, the ledgebags got busted by an undercover cop.

Police found out customers would ask for “Nasty Boy,” a code name for Norris if they wanted green trimmings on their order.

If Norris was around, they’d ask for “extra crispy” fries, and get some weed in an empty cup with their order.

Norris and Dearborn have been released on bail and are due to appear in court February 22.

Not all heroes wear capes.