Dude takes on the most savage walk of shame of all time

Music 11/01/2017
One night stands have always been a strange entity.

Somebody has to stay at somebody else's.

And no matter how much fun you have at the time. You wake up disorientated and dirty, lying next to a stranger.

Then one of you will be forced into a walk of shame at some point the next day…


At least when you do it at the other person's place you know you can leave when you’re ready… avoid any stage 5 clingers… Right?


Right, guys??



But. What if halfway through the dirty deed, your partner in crime’s significant other appears in the bedroom?

Now what?


This sad sack found out the hard way.

So next time you’re trudging down the main road in the morning, so hungover it almost looks as though your eyeballs are bleeding, clutching the tell-all Powerade, stinking of booze and regret while the morning joggers and coffee date mum’s look on in judgment… just remember, it could always be worse.

You could be walking naked in a blizzard.

In case you missed it, the guy's verbatim quote is; ""Yeah, I'm good. I got caught fucking someone's bitch. Can you give me a ride, yo?"

Dude was smanging someone else's girl… and sounds like a right jerk off, so at least he kinda deserved it.

Props to the camera guy who drove away. 

Karma is a bitch.