Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather agree to 'Billion Dollar Fight'

sports 15/02/2017

For months it's been the billion dollar question, will they or won't they?


Well, team. This is happening. (Reportedly)

All the details have been agreed on, the deal is just waiting to be officially signed as a result of a ‘third party hold up’, reports the Sun.


A source close to McGregor told the Irish Sun: "Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have agreed on a deal to fight and have both settled on their respective fees.”

McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh previously confirmed that the pair were in talks for a potential fight in 2017.

He added that Mayweather's current winning record of 49-0 seems to be extra appealing. "He's 49-0. I'm sure he wants that 50th fight. It's a nice number."

In a recent interview McGregor said: “I'm gonna get my Las Vegas boxing commission and then we'll see where the fuck Floyd's at?!"



Mayweather's denying the rumours.

But here's hoping that "no deals", means "no deals yet" and they're just waiting to announce it on their own terms...