MAALA just released the video for 'In My Head' and we love it

Music 24/02/2017

MAALA has just released the visual to his new electro-pop banger, ‘In My Head.’

The song seems to have drifted away from the moodier vibes on his 2016 EP Composure, which after releasing in July, MAALA scooped up Best Male Solo Artist at last year’s VNZMA’s.

There’s a much happier, upbeat sound to the new single - so initially, it seems an interesting choice going for a black and white aesthetic in the visual (below).

That's until you realise MAALA is actually singing about the battle between the head and the heart. A problem most of us face at some point in our lives.

The second verse articulates the darker underbelly to the pop tune perfectly: “Silhouette of what I needed, nothing left but I can feel it.”

Anywaaay, back to this new visual. A large portion of the footage shows MAALA performing at the George FM stage at Soundsplash earlier this year. Woop! Woop! Loved having you there MAALA.  

The rest of the video relays footage from other MAALA gigs, spliced with cutaways to MAALA chilling in what looks to be his music making paradise: red wine, big speakers, Macbooks galore.

There’s also close-ups of him in a recording booth, jumping on the synths, playing guitar and shots of him in a beanie and Swannie sitting outside a farming shed covered in tags... 

Not going to lie, it’s got a very Tumblr-boy-esque feel about it.

FFS, he's sipping a Nippy's in the promo photo. 

That’s not us ragging by the way. We're pretty sure every girl in the George office would… in fact someone's got a wide on right now.

So, he’s doing something right, (aside from making obscenely catchy and beautiful music).


Anyway. Getting distracted again.

Check out the new video below: