UNCOVERED: The New Zealand/Colombian cocaine trade


According to the NZ Herald, around 35kg of Colombian cocaine allegedly slipped into New Zealand through Christchurch man, Lee Dixon, between late-2014 and mid-2015.

The 34-year-old air conditioning engineer has already admitted to importing the drug into the country, he’s only disputing the quantity and dates the class A substance was smuggled into the country.

The street value of this amount of coke reaches just under $5 million, however Dixon’s defence is arguing he’s only imported 6kgs of cocaine into New Zealand.

Justice Nicholas Davidson ruled Dixon had imported at least 6kg of cocaine into New Zealand.

He added it was "very probable" Dixon imported vast quantities more.

There’s just one hitch; the police haven’t been able to locate any of the cocaine allegedly imported by Mr. Dixon.

However, they’ve tracked the amount of money wired overseas by Nixon, and it equates to around 35 kgs of coke…

And this isn’t the first time Nixon’s been caught hanging out with Charlie… in 2014 he was found at the airport with 97.5g of cocaine packed inside a condom in his boxer shorts.

In 2014, he was sentenced to seven months Home D and 150 hours community service work, however just months later it was implicated that he was involved in a much larger cocaine operation and he was arrested.

For this latest allegation, Dixon is awaiting sentencing in the High Court.