Do not miss The Grow Room Exhibition: IV tonight

music news 24/03/2017

Local creative collective, The Grow Room, have their Fourth Exhibition tonight, at their HQ, The Fale at Samoa House, off K-Road, Auckland.

Kicking off from 6pm, this will be a seven hour spectacular, showcasing the plethora of local talent within the collective.

With the likes of Villette, Bobandii, Badcrop and newcomers Menthol Boiz on the line-up, we’re bracing ourselves for a huuuuge night.

The above video gives you a jist of what the last exhibition looked like.   

And in our hype, we caught up with OG member, Larsen Winiata Tito-Taylor, AKA Whyfi, who told us a little bit about what to expect tonight, his pick of the best new acts and how the collective has grown since their third exhibition, last year.

Check out the interview below.

For people who’ve never heard of The Grow Room, what can they expect at Friday’s gig?

People can expect a brimming display of diverse acts from Auckland City, traversing music styles from jazz to hip-hop to electronic, hosted in the beautiful Samoa House. On top of this people can expect pristine sound, stimulating visuals, a bunch of merch and a great range of food and alcohol on offer. We pride ourselves on the warm atmosphere we have provided for our Exhibition attendees in past events and continue to build on providing this atmosphere and improving it, as will be apparent at Exhibition IV.

Can you tell us about some of the new acts that have joined? What is their sound like?

Menthol Boiz - energetic beats with soulfully textural chords

Ahara - brilliantly moving, fluidly composed Jazz with hints of boom-bap thrown in for good measure

H I M = brooding folk/guitar music + hypnotic electronic rhythms

MEEr - raw, uncompromising rap with mind-twisting rabbit-hole beats

How has The Grow Room changed/grown since the last Exhibition?

Since our last Exhibition we’ve been going through cycles of reflection and growth. The response we had to Exhibition III was really positive and we’ve been anticipating putting on another show and expanding on what we did last time. Also we’ve relocated since the last Exhibition, which has been a really positive experience and has allowed us to regather and further consider new ways through which we can operate and evolve from what we’ve done in the past.

Apart from that we’ve had a string of releases put out through The Grow Room and have been working on our latest season of Grow Room Sessions with The Wireless NZ.

As a collective, what obstacles have you faced?

Working together as a large group has proven to be challenging for us at times, but I think we’ve managed to deal with these challenges well by being more transparent with each other and working to our individual strengths. The main obstacles for us have been internal but through these internal struggles I believe we’ve actually become a stronger group. We’re still getting there! It’s all part an organic process intrinsic to being in a community.

Do you still feel like the open door policy you guys have always have always maintained works, even as you guys grow?

Our space in Samoa House Arcade has been relatively low-key, so the open door policy has continued to work as we’ve been physically a bit off the radar compared to our previous St. Kevin’s Arcade spot. We’ve had a few people pop by off the street recently to check out the space and what we’re about, which has been cool. Moving forward we’re considering how we can continue to uphold this; we also have a few projects in the works to increase interaction with and support of the creative K Road community.

Who are you most excited about seeing perform perform?

I’d have to say I’m most excited about Smoke Team (Affsid Kidjhagiffy & Jeff Supreme). Their set at our last fundraiser event was crazy! We all lost our sh*t! It was unlike anything we’d seen in Auckland let alone anywhere else, so being able to showcase their subversive trap/noise/electronic set in a proper setting is something we’re really looking forward to.

If this hasn't sold ya, Larsen compiled two mixtapes on the Grow Room bandcamp to give an idea of what you can expect tonight, check out Side A below, and we'll see you there this evening! 

Plus, check out Larsen's tripy new music video for his own project, WhyFi, performing with his band Stay Foolish.