Joey Badass is getting sued for pushing fake Trump

Vids 23/03/2017

It’s been a prolific month for Trump impersonators in the music world. Shots were fired following Snoop’s political parody music video, which rattled the real Trump, who now believes Snoop Dogg ought to be arrested.

Now, Joey Badass is facing a whopping $1.5 million in damages to comedian Philip Wilburn.

Wilburn appeared on stage, during the rappers set, dressed in Trump cosplay.

Joey did not appreciate the random Trump, swiftly flipping Wilburn off, then pushing both the man and the toupee off the stage.

Wilburn told U.S tabloid TMZ that he’s had to pay approximately $25,000 in medical expenses since the incident.

However, we can see why Joey freaked out, the Trump appeared pretty out of the blue, and Joey Badass has a reputation for getting political.

Watch the whole incident below.