Cashmere Cat’s debut album is finally here

new music 01/05/2017

We’ve had two EPs from Cashmere Cat, the last was back in 2014. And no feature length albums... until now. 

Let's be real though, this is hardly a shock move in 2017. We live in a world where people stream individual tracks and artists can blow up in a big way without a record to their name.

Cashmere Cat has done exactly that. Real name: Magnus August Høiberg's popularity has only grown since 2014's Wedding Bells. 

With Magnus being so preoccupied producing tunes for pop royalty (Kanye, Britney, Selena Gomez), we were starting to wonder whether a feature length Cashmere Cat album would ever arrive.

We're stoked he's pulled through with this enormous debut. 9 is the perfect slice of alternative, genre-transcending pop.
Magnus explained to FADER: "The two EPs were very much based around the same sounds and instrumentation, but making this album I had so much new shit to show and to do. I know how to write songs now, and how to get people on songs, and I also have a whole new way of producing." 

With features from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd, MØ, Ariana Grande, and Jhene Aiko, the album is a symphony of chaotic emotion, melody and anti-melody, the glitching soundscape to both your dreams and your nightmares. 

An off-kilter, electronic producer, with a knack for making the strange commercial, Cashmere Cat has no shame in collaborating with pop icons.

Explaining to FADER: "I don't really worry about how the artist is perceived. To me, the weird stuff isn't that exciting if it's not contrasted by something really pop. And the super pop stuff isn't interesting if it doesn't have a part in it where you're like, “What the fuck is that sound?” It's like with food — you want sweet and sour."

Stream 9 below.  One of our favourite tunes is the title track, featuring MØ and Sophie, check out the video above, which also serves as a short biopic about Magnus.