George listeners review Calvin Harris' new tune 'Heatstroke'

Music 03/04/2017

Gather round, George whanau - it's time for a bit of group conversation.

We want to talk about the new Calvin Harris track, Heatstroke, and get your thoughts on whether it's good, average, or if it belongs in the "don't ever fucking play that shit again" bin.

Now obviously Calvin Harris is a big part of what we do here at George FM (always has been, probably always will be). In saying that, you don't have to like everything single thing an artist does or releases (as we learned the hard way when we played that Major Lazer x Nicki Manaj collab) *violently shudders*

Photo credit: Getty Images / Calvin Harris (Facebook)

Anyway, the new Calvin Harris song features popstar Ariana Grande on it. And therein may lie the problem for most if you.

Sure, the sound that comes out of that small pettite little body is amazing, but we know some of you can't get past the superficial nature of what she represents (looking at you, Tammy Davis).

Also featuring on the track are Pharrell and Young Thug. So quite a mixed bag of people in there.

Listen to the song and let us know what you think (a preview until we can get our hands on a full version):

Here's what the honest George audience had to say shortly after we played the track on air:

Make it stop
Kill it with fire

Ok, not off to a great start.

Not a bad track, but more of a ZM/Edge song

That's quite a reasonable, level-headed response.

Ship it off to Mai

Bit aggressive.

Fuck no, get it off George
Wat the fuck is this shit

Even more aggressive.

Someone's had to bend over to pay the bills

Alright, things are escalating now.

Please never play that again. My ears are vomiting
It's shithouse, send it to Mai

That was probably the kindest review of the lot - six out of ten is above average.

Getting heatstroke texting fast enough to tell you how shit this song is

Hmmmm. Not positive. Oh well. We said it was going to be honest in here, didn't we?

You spoke, we listened. To the bin it goes, unless we get a good remix. Sorry Calv.