George's top 5 Prince tunes, curated by MC Slave

Prince 20/04/2017

The 21st of April marks the first anniversary of Prince's death.

To celebrate the icon's life, in no particular order, here are Mark William's (AKA MC Slave AKA Loggy Logg from the Logg Cabin's) five favourite Prince tunes and why he loves them.

And if you find yourself craving more Prince today (who can blame ya), MC Slave is throwing down a Prince Party at The Culpeper on Princes Wharf.

1. Controversy

“It’s a dancefloor killer. It’s an anthem. And I love the lyrics.”

2. Erotic City

“It’s just super sexy. I love the pitched up vocals on it. It’s just dirty funk at its best.”

3. Girls & Boys

“I love the horns. The baritone, saxophone, the lick on that is just awesome.”

4. The Beautiful Ones

“It’s just the ultimate ballad”

5. If I was Your Girlfriend

“The sentiment of the song is just awesome.. the concept of him talking to his girlfriend, and saying if you treated me like your girl friends. And ladies love it.” 

In Prince's words, remember:

Music is music, if it makes you feel good, cool