Kendrick and Skrillex making music together?

music news 24/04/2017

An alleged collab between the two retrospective kings of their genres, Kendrick and Skrillex, has been published on the IMDB soundtrack listing for the upcoming Justice League movie.

All they need is Beyonce on the hook and some production magic from Diplo and it'd be like the music world's very own Justice League. 

Although IMDB shouldn’t be taken as gospel…and it does almost sound too good to be true… we’re frothing at the prospect of a collab between these two legends.

So, fingers crossed this ‘Resurrection’ track is for reals.

The Justice League movie is set to be released on November 17, this year. So, time will tell. We’ll keep you updated as more info on this monster collab surfaces.

In the meantime, check out The Justice League trailer above.