Merci Motel: an answer to a cliquey NZ music industry?

new music 12/04/2017

We know how much talent is in New Zealand. We have more musicians per capita than most of the world. Our thriving music industry is something we should be mad proud of.
However, sometimes it feels like it’s the same DJs and performers who are continuously opening for our big Internationals and booking gigs… And that’s no disrespect to them.

But, truth be told we have a plethora of unheard talent, hiding in plain sight, just under the surface.

We know how it is, artists post their work on their SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages. They play gigs to their own circle of friends. Some of their tunes blow up within their own social bubble.

But in an increasingly over-saturated market it’s getting harder and harder to get your music heard on a larger scale.

Yes, the odd few make it, they make the right contacts or get enough exposure for a record label (or us) to hear them and snap them up.

Others just grind, grind, grind by themselves, until they blow up organically.

Some people might say this is raw talent, but most big artists will attribute at least some of their success down to sheer luck.   

Meanwhile, there’s so many of you struggling musicians, lost and disenchanted with the industry and the scene.

Introducing Merci Motel,
the new open platform for pushing the future of LIVE music in Aotearoa, curated by George FM’s very own Mac Mylo and

Mac Mylo explains: “Show up with an open mind and soak in some dope music you might not have realised was simmering under the surface of the city we call home - we will be showcasing the future of NZ Music monthly.”

This is not just another show night. The idea is up-and-coming local artists, (or friends of artists for that matter) can submit their music to score a slot in a Merci Motel gig at REC bar in Auckland, and land themselves a heap of exposure at the same time.

The aim is to rip away all this cliquey bullshit. Tell the Tall Poppy Syndrome to fuck right off. And bring everybody together to vibe as one united front, for one night - every six weeks! 

The first volume is launching next Saturday, April 22nd, at Auckland’s REC bar, with four completely different and obscenely talented local acts, you probably haven’t heard of, but you sure af want to.

Check out the line up below and RSVP HERE, to cop a free entry to see four musical jewels simmering under the NZ music industry's surface..  




Mo Muse

Shit we're hyped for this show.

Don't forget to RSVP. On April 22nd, REC will undoubtedly be a full house.

And while you're on the Merci Motel website, learn a little more about the above artists and this new platform.

Big props to the boys, Mac Mylo and, who developed this beautiful website and have brought the stunning Merci Motel concept to life.