WATCH: Skrillex get handcuffed by the LAPD

Skrillex 21/04/2017

Skrillex got cuffed for getting too lit.

True story.

On Wednesday night, Skrillex was driving around in his Tesla, blasting his own tunes when he got pulled over by the LAPD due to excessive noise.

To be fair, Skrillex is a little pointless listening to on a lower volume. He was obviously trying to lead by example.

Anyway, shit did not pan out so well for ol' Skrill. Especially when the police found he didn’t have his I.D. on him…

It went from a routine violation to handcuff action real quick.

He later took to Twitter blaming Elon Musk’s Tesla sound sytem. 

Some people are speculating that it was all just a huge publicity stunt for Tesla.

Tesla does look pretty bad ass at the end of all of this. But Skrilldog looked pretty damn awkward..