Did DJ Snake and Lil Jon steal 'Turn Down For What'?

music news 10/05/2017

Three years after releasing the club banger ‘Turn Down For What’, DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon are under fire for allegedly ripping the entire song from Freddie Gz.

He's a relatively unknown rapper who released a song of the same title, with a very similar beat, chord progressions and vocals, in March 2013. DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon dropped ‘Turn Down For What’ the following December.

The lawsuit reads, “The striking similarity between the Original Work and the Infringing Works... when paired together with the timeline of events cannot be a coincidence.”

Why wait three years before pressing charges? Allegedly the lawsuit is based on the revenue the song has made, so the longer Freddie waits the more money he can claim if Lil’ Jon and DJ Snake are found guilty.  

Have a listen to Freddie GZ’s version above, and make your own mind up. 

Either way, we think they should conduct the case in the NZ high court... Imagine the awkward court footage of a 'Turn Down For What' trial... there are no words.