Mt. Eden release epic new single 'Anyone' ft. Father Dude

new music 15/05/2017

The Mt. Eden boys are back with an epic new single; 'Anyone'.

Catchy chillstep with big, bhutty synths, abrasive horns and the fervent vocals of the New York-based electro-soul legend, Father Dude. 

Together Mt. Eden and Father Dude have produced a hard-hitting electronic anthem, that takes a contemplative stance on social pressures, particularly in the online world. 

Father Dude explains:

When we came together the music and the chemistry just felt right. The song stemmed from a conversation we all had about the constant comparisons we face online with people we know and don't know. This is a song about forgetting those comparisons and embracing yourself and your own uniqueness.

We were lucky enough to get a first listen to 'Anyone', back in February when Mt. Eden came home for a NZ tour back in February, and debuted their remix of PNC's 'If It Wasn't For Love,' during which they gave us an exclusive half hour mix.

We knew 'Anyone' was a banger from the first listen, so we're stoked it's finally been officially released. 

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And listen to 'Anyone' below.