The Profile Ep.2 Scarfe - 'Want What We On' Ft. Kings & Mayzin

The Profile 16/05/2017

Meet Scarfe. A Dunedin electronic producer whom I’m predicting huge things for over the coming years. In 2015 he was scrolling through soundcloud looking for a vocalist to complete a track with Texan based rapper Mayzin, and stumbled across a then “emerging” new vocalist / Producer going by the name Kings.

After some back and forth via messenger Kings fired through some vocals and thus we now have this awesome future bass single “Want What We On.

This is the feature track on our NZOn Air funded segment called “The Profile”. I caught up with Scarfe in Dunedin over the weekend and managed to put together a little background video so you guys can get  an idea of who we are predicting big things for here at George FM. 

Jay Bulletproof