The Profile Ep.3: Quix - 'Four Letter Lie'

The Profile 30/05/2017


You know those proud kiwi moments like the AB’s taking out the RWC or The Warriors managing to string together more than 3 plays in a set?

Well, now you can add NZ Bass maestro QUIX’ new E.P. dropped on Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK label to the list of reasons to celebrate being from a place who’s national animal is a flightless bird. Quix spread his wings three months ago and took off to the U.S. to begin a quest to unleash his sound at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the states.

He’s back home with a 6 track EP stacked with slammers, and playing it smart he’s included this epic radio track called 'Four Letter Lie'. Catchy vocal melodies merge into a chorus that will have every girl on the dance floor singing at full noise, which builds up and drops into trademark Quix percussion and bass work. 

Jay Bulletproof