Kiwi funk artist K-lab landed the feature track on the latest Spiderman trailer

trailer 26/06/2017

K+lab, the Keytar-wielding, funk and bass loving Kiwi, reunited with the Canadian funk act Stickybuds in February to drop the tune 'Clap Your Hands Now' with Westwood Recordings (a Canadian funk label). 

'Clap Your Hands Now' is a flip on The Meters' 1970's hit, the 'Hand Clapping Song', featuring KWADI on the vocals, new instrumentation and the duos singature electronic drums and funky synths.

This is a funky af banger. And Sony Pictures agrees. 

Last week K+lab announced the single had been selected as the feature song on the new Spider-man: Homecoming trailer.

The trailer's already been streamed over 2 million times. 

Stoked to see K+lab getting the international recognition he deserves, we can't wait to see what's next, ecspecially now that he's got the world's eyes on him. 

Stream the full tune below.