WATCH: World's youngest DJ's INSANE mix for Red Bull competition

Vids 06/06/2017

Those Child prodigy/youthful millenial talent types with better creative skills and more success than us 20-somethings with tertiary credentials isn't exactly a new thing. 

We've slowly come to accept we're being left in the dust with just an average-to-poor 'creative sales' office job and a a shit load of debt to show for it. 

It's fine. We're fine. 

But this 10-year-old takes child prodigy vun deeper.

He hit the Guiness Book of Records last year as the world's youngest club DJ.

Now the child DJ known as Dextrous One is in the limelight again, with his dope AF entry into Red Bull's 3style World DJ Championships.

The young DJ uploaded his six minute entry to Facebook, already having racked up 200,000 views.

He opens with the Spongebob themesong then effortlessly scratches and crosses between Grandmaster Flash, Denzel Curry, DJ Khaled and about a dozen more chuuuunes.

Sampling that many tracks without overwhelming a very short mix takes talent. Check it out above.

10-year-old superstar DJ up in here.