Stormzy rolled Irish newspaper after they mistook him for footballer Romelu Lukaku

music news 11/07/2017

It was recently announced Everton footballer and world-renowned striker, Romelu Lukaku, would sign with the English football club Manchester United, for a whopping $133 million (NZD).

Although this move had been made public knowledge, the official hand over/contract signing was yet to take place.

So, when an Irish newspaper found a picture of Lukaku rocking a Man-U tracksuit, the picture editor obviously thought they'd struck the big boy money, and ran this photo on their front page with the headline "LUKAKU IS READY FOR WORK."

Great, great , great... only thing is... it wasn't Lukaku in the track suit... Yeah, nah, it was our favourite bad man of grime, Stormzy. 

Weeeeeow. Mistaking one black man for another. There's no getting around that one Irish Herald. You fucked up. Big time. 

Stormzy himself has drawn a likeness to the footballer in the past.

But knowing you look like some, isn't going to make a newspaper believing you're the same person any softer a blow. FFS, they're the fucking news. What in the shit happened to fact checking? 

Stormzy is mighty pissed. He sent this out to his Twitter audience this morning:

Meanwhile, Manchester United has chosen to laugh at the cock up.

The Irish Herald has issued an apology, saying: "We are totally embarrassed and want to say to say sorry to all involved and our readers for the error. We will keep our eye on the ball in future.

What a shit storm. 

Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl)