Princess Nokia completed her debut album ‘1992 Deluxe’ just in time for Northern Bass

new music 14/09/2017

Princess Nokia is the master of innovation and transformation. Starting as an R&B singer named ‘Wavy Spice’, she settled with the name ‘Princess Nokia’. Her whole career seems to have been a process of redefinition and she has spent the past five years searching for her sound.

Her debut album ‘1992 Deluxe’ is a follow up from her successful mix tape ‘1992’. ‘1992 Deluxe’ adds eight new songs to the album.

These new tracks show her journey of self-realisation that proves she isn’t afraid to overshare as we get to know her and her music even better.

A liar, a schemer, a cheater, I do it all… eczema so bad I'm bleeding

Princess Nokia is rising in the charts, and we can hopefully look forward to hearing some of these new tracks when she comes to New Zealand for Northern Bass.