Sachi lowkey teamed up with Mick Jenkins and the result will make you send it

new music 13/10/2017

Yesterday on George Drive we were stoked to get the world wide premiere of Sachi's new single 'Lowkey' - now it's available for you to listen to at your leisure and get hyped on this one, cause it's a chuuuuune!

Sachi boys Nick and Will are making friends in high place, teaming up on this latest track with Chicago's Mick Jenkin's - who has co-signs with the likes of Kaytranada, Denzel Curry, Joey Bada$$ and Timbaland.

'Lowkey's' final result delivers that electro-pop sound we've come to love from Sachi with a complimentary but unexpected Jenkins verse coming in half way. Lowkey hip hop if ya feel us.

Jenkin's brings a welcome change up to the overall vibe of the track. Sachi are huge hip hop lovers, throwing anything from 50cent to Yung Lean in their mixes, so we're excited to see these influences coming through in their own production, and we're looking forward to seeing them explore this sound further. 

Expect to hear Lowkey spinning on the George playlist. There's nothing lowkey about that...

In the meantime give it a hoon below. 

On a side note, should we sell Dan Aux's personal Lowkey limited edition Sachi cologne on Trademe?