Skrillex is teaming up with Kimbra for her new album

music news 04/10/2017

Kiwi native Kimbra has recruited one of our favourite electronic producers of all time, yep your boy Skrilex will feature on her newest album ‘Primal Heart’.

The pair worked together on the track 'Top of the World'. 

It’s been more than three years since Kimbra’s last album, and we’ve been frothing for something new from her. 

After the release of her explosive single ‘Everybody knows’ a brand new album is on its way and it's taking a new direction:

Focus less on features and more about my message.

Our very own Dan Aux recently interviewed Kimbra about ‘Everybody knows’, and she reveals a lot about where/ what she’s been up to over the last 3 years since her last album. 

You can give ‘Everybody Knows’ a listen here! 

***CORRECTION*** An earlier version of this story stated that Kimbra worked with Childish Gambino, Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth, and Skrillex on Primal Heart. This was based on information included in Triple J’s story, which has since been removed.