Lee Mvtthews' debut EP has injected us with straight FROTH and you'll want a hit

NZ music 28/11/2017

Lee Mvtthews have gifted us all with their five track “Silhouettes” EP.  An amalgamation of electronic dance music, drawing influence from hip-hop and R&B vocals to the cutting edge of new sounds ranging from future bass, 2-step rhythms, and gritty sound design all throughout this expansive piece.

We’ve been backing Tom Lee and Graham Matthews for years now. Our gal Haylee Clarke heard them at a North Shore live froth fest back in her internship days and insisted Aroha bring 'em up for a mix - back when Aroha was on Days.

With their mixing finesse and their taste for filthy bangers, 30 minutes and they'd absolutely blew our god damn minds into smithers... From there we were all hooked on Lee Mvtthews.

They've become all stars on the NZ festy circuit, champion regulars on Jay Bulletproof's George Nights rotation... and we know they're destined for even bigger and better things.

So, we couldn’t be more proud to present you lot with Lee Mvtthews' debut EP 'Silhouettes'. Five originals tracks that BANG.

Here’s the full EP on Spotify and a run down of the tunes below.

Nothing to Lose ft. Marino Mariner

Nothing to Lose is the first single off the EP, featuring the impressive vocal talents of NZ based Marino Mariner. Drawing from local roots Marino’s tones can be likened to that of Matiu Walters from six60, Nothing to lose merges this sound with rolling synth riffs, and pulsing saw chords. The whole track expresses the idea of chasing your dreams because ultimately you’ve got “Nothing to lose”. Lee Mvtthews collaborated on this production with George FM night’s host Bulletproof, and have a video to go with the track, an engaging visual piece hosting the “Silhouette” theme of the EP.

Runnin ft. Bels

Runnin featuring Bels, was a fresh look at a 2-step rhythm with the injection of fast hitting bass stabs that makes this an energetic production and the only female vocal feature on the EP. Making this a standout track in terms of sound and vocalization, this track also has a music video expressing the theme of the song. It’s about running away from the problems we all face with each other when really the root some of the issues are actually to do with ourselves.


DGAF featuring TY was the last track to make its way onto the EP, yet by no means is it the least. As an artist, this was TY’s first foray into dance music, yet he certainly didn’t pull any punches. TY’s bars make a powerful statement on this track with some killer lines that would have several wordsmiths nodding in approval. This track screams tough start to finish.

Focus Ft. PT

Focus featuring PT is definitely the most progressive of all the tracks, starting out in an epic soundscape like atmosphere building into a pulsing drum beat with PT’s R&B style vocal runs, that then extends into a bone-rattling drop. The sound design on this track is by far the most developed yet still remains musical. The second half of the track taking the gritty saw chords from the first and rolling the second drop with overlays of soaring lead lines. "Focus" is a journey start to finish, an epic blend of synths and stunning vocals.

Finesse Ft. JSH.

JSH. brought his “Finesse” to the table with this track, trap drums and JSH.’s bars consume the intro and build hyping the listener as the drop hits hard. Again we some interesting sound design techniques as this track hits hard with its punchy sub bass and powerful bass stabs. JSH. takes control again in the second verse dropping in lines about our connection with the infamous music/industry group WE MOUVE. Then we get to the halftime pulse of the second drop ensuring this track will be snapping necks ay shows across the country this summer season.

“Silhouettes” is a culmination of the electronic spectrum and shows the density and variety of sounds that Lee Mvtthews are capable of creating and we look forward to seeing what 2018 holds in store for Lee Mvtthews. 

Speaking of... check all the events the Lee Mvtthews boys are playing over the festy season.  

Back Bar 08/12
Rhythm & Vines warm up 28/12
Rhythm & Vines 29/12
Northern Bass 31/12
Britomart Block Party 31/12
Bay Dreams 01/12

You gotta see these guys live. They breathe fire onto their decks and into a dancefloor... 

Love their work.

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