'Headless Chickens' frontman Grant Fell, the champ George FM was named after, has passed away

Grant Fell, bass player for the Headless Chickens, has sadly passed away.

Grant had been battling glioblastoma over the last couple of weeks. He was declared cancer-free, and was working hard to rehabilitate himself from the toll it had taken on his brain.

The many seizures Grant had suffered during a difficult and frustrating hospital stay have regressed his recovery. A recent scan had also found some small new cancer cells.

Friends and fam have been fighting the fight along with him, raising funds through a #GrantForGrant Give A Little page, funding his stem cell treatment which was the best chance to get him out of a wheelchair and improve his prognosis long term.

Our thoughts go out to all the friends and family this music legend impacted.

More to come.