Jack Antonoff wants you to know he's not banging Lorde

music news 18/01/2018

Lorde is not dating her producer friend Jack Antonoff despite rumours of the contrary, he has confirmed.

The pair worked together on her smash hit album Melodrama and have long been believed to be more than friends by some.

Antonoff was in a relationship with Hollywood star Lena Dunham during that time. After they split last week, Dunham deleted a photo of Antonoff and Lorde together from her Instagram, leading gossipers to believe they'd uncovered a troubled love triangle.

But they hadn't, says Antonoff.

"Normally I would never address rumours, but I resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb, hetero-normative gossip," he said in a tweet.

Those relationships are deeply important and sacred. With that said, I'm not seeing anyone. lol.