Laneway launch 0800 hotline so that you don't have to look after your cooked mates

music news 26/01/2018

Laneway have launched an 0800 number for punters to report "inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour."

"It’s always been very important to us that festival-goers feel safe and comfortable, and this year we’re adding a Laneway hotline to the initiatives that we have had in place in previous years."

"The phone service will be active at Laneway in Auckland on 0800 LANEWAY (0800 526 3929) and will connect callers to the Laneway hub."

The hotline was trialled in Sydney and Melbourne last year, and Laneway are stoked it’s rolling out across Auckland this year.

"This year, we’ve partnered with the international Good Night Out Campaign, who have helped further implement safety strategies at our events."

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