Helen Corry delivers pretty powerful message in new video for 'La femme'

music video 20/04/2018

Helen Corry just dropped an amazing video for her new track ‘La femme’.

'La femme' conveys a powerful message and acts as a call to the women of the world, who are fighting to be heard, to keep fighting.
“Just before I wrote ‘La femme’, I’d been catching up with some friends - all women in creative industries. We all noted at the time that we felt like there was a shift happening - we were beginning to see more women in positions of influence, and how that led to women in these positions hiring women into more positions,” explains Corry.
“I was really inspired by that chat. A few months later, the #metoo and #timesup movement was massive news. I’d already written ‘La femme’ and tweaked a few of the lyrics to make it more specific to the conversation we are currently having around female equity and sexual harassment.”

The song with its poignant lyrics, driving beat and empowering chorus, struck a chord and was added to our playlist here at George straight away.