When one producer steals another producer's track: Kyle Watson VS. Cheeky D

music news 24/04/2018

Okay, let's set the scene: Kyle Watson released his very own track Harvard, back in 2016 under the label Box of Cats. Two years ago. 

It's now 2018, and a dude called Dean Kempson AKA Cheeky D releases the EXACT SAME TRACK on his own label Immoral Music (ironic). The track is now renamed Bass Hack.

What the fuck!

Kyle Watson made this discovery shortly after Cheeky D had released his track and has tried to confront the thief several times, even resulting to a public Facebook post.

Listen to the two tracks here:

Kyle Watson - Harvard

Cheeky D - Bass Hack

We're scratching our heads trying to figure out why someone would even do this... Considering in a world where the Internet literally rules everything, there's no way Cheeky D wouldn't have been found out. 

All we know is that this is pretty fucked...